We have carefully selected diets for the full range of sheep systems from looking at the nutrition needs of the pre tupping ewes and rams through to ensuring energy and protein requirements are met in both the pre lambing and post lambing periods.

When feeding young growing lambs it is essential to ensure good daily live weight gains whether the lambs are destined to enter the breeding flock or are going to be finished with good confirmation and cover.

Our highly experienced advisors are available to give recommendations on the feeding ewes and lambs based on the farm system, forage available and flock objectives.

Ewe Feeds

We have a range feeds for hill and lowland ewes to meet the needs of your flock. 

It is vitally important that we ensure that the in-lamb ewe is meeting its nutritional energy, protein and mineral requirements in order to ensure strong lamb vigour and a good supply of milk from the mothers.

Young lamb feeding

Getting the mother to lamb down with a plentiful supply of milk is the main criteria in ensuring lambs get off to the best possible start.

To further ensure development of young lambs, we have selected a range of highly nutritious lamb creep diets formulated to meet the requirements of high feed intakes and daily live weight gains.

Finishing Lambs feeding

It is important to meet the nutritional requirements of the gimmer lamb in getting them ready to enter the breeding flock or the finishing of the home grown or bough- in store lambs to meet the growth rates confirmation and classification of the carcass. Over the years we have developed highly nutritious products to meet these requirements.

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