It is important to ensure the health of the calf and growth rates are being met to ensure that the youngstock are ready to enter the herd and perform to the herd’s requirements.

We have designed a number of high performance rearing compounds and blends in order for our clients to achieve these goals. In order to achieve the optimum performance of replacement heifers we offer a free forage analysis and ration recommendation dependant on the heifer size and age.

Rearing compounds

We have a range of compound feeds which are designed to meet all types of heifer rearing systems. The range incorporates higher protein 20%, 22% and 24% compounds where lower protein forages such as straw, hay or lower protein silages are being fed. We also have lower protein 16% and 18% rearing nuts where higher protein silages or grass are being utilised.

Rearing Youngstock blends

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