We are available to offer you advice on forage management to improve efficiencies of home-grown feed with a soil sampling service to determine pH, phosphorus and potash levels. We also offer a no obligation competitive quote on our product range.

Silage Additives

One of the most important areas in order to improve efficiencies on farms is to ensure that we ensile high-quality forage. We have reviewed many suppliers of additives and chosen an additive takes silage making to the next generation by using strains of bacteria that can preserve silage without relying on huge levels of lactic acid.

Grass Seeds

Reseeding is one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing productivity on the farm through optimal forage growth. We are an authorised distributor of Germinal®. They are renowned as market leaders who offer an extensive range of mixtures to suit every circumstance. Bred in Aberystwyth, these mixtures have been carefully formulated using a mixture of the highest performing species and varieties of grass to flourish in the local soil and climatic conditions.


It is important to get the best possible advice on application rates of fertiliser for your crops for both cost and nutrient pollution perspectives. Whether it is a grazing field, silage field or for cereals and other alternative crops we are able to offer advice to ensure both efficiencies and production levels are met.

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