We have available wide range of products to suit all feeding situations.

The product recomendation will depend on an assesment of the forages , other moist feed and home grown or purchased raw materials along with the performance requirements of the dairy cows being fed.

The quote will also depend on the geographical location of our supplier mills and sites.

Compound feeds

We supply have a truly extensive range of carefully formulated and selected poducts to fit every scenario.


Our Advisors wealth of experience and technical knowledge are second to none

We can give advice on formulations and when to contract these in the current volatile markets we are experiencing

Transition Cow feeds

We offer a range of options for Transition Cow Management, tailor-made to your unit’s requirements.

Moist feeds liquid feeds and straights

We have access to most of the main suppliers of Moist feeds, liquid feeds such as molasses and syrups and straights.

We can give you advice on the best products to suit your individual requirements

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