We have available wide range of products to suit all feeding situations.

The product recomendation will depend on an assesment of the forages , other moist feed and home grown or purchased raw materials along with the performance requirements of the dairy cows being fed.

The quote will also depend on the geographical location of our supplier mills and sites.

Feeds for the Suckler cow

When beef cows are calving down it is important that we maintain the blood magnesium levels. There is a big increase in magnesium requirements during this period. If magnesium is not supplemented the cow may become deficient. Staggers is responsible for thousands of cow deaths and poor performance in suckler herds.

Feeds for Growing cattle

Cambrian Farm Feed has an extensive range of diets available in either a blend or compound nut form to suit all types of beef growing systems.

Our experienced advisors can give you specific feeding advice and recommendations depending on the forage or grass available and whether the young growing cattle are from spring or autumn calving-based systems or are from cross-bred calves from the dairy herds.

Feeds for Finishing Cattle

Cambrian Farm Feed has a selected range of high energy and starch levels to complement either straw or silage and grass-based finishing systems.

The diets are specially formulated to ensure the quick finishing of the beef cattle and aid carcass confirmation and feed conversion efficiencies.

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